Essay Writer

An essay is one of the many genres of literature. The word "essay" in French means "sketch" or "sketch. Such works reflect the personal experiences of the author, his opinion and attitude towards a particular problem. However, the essay does not provide direct answers to the questions, it should only show the author's individual view.

Writing an essay contributes to the development of logic, the ability to present arguments, proving one's views. It teaches how to convey information correctly, usually in a conversational style.

To write an essay correctly, you need to know and consider the specifics of this genre because it is different even from regular essays.

The work has a narrowly focused topic, it contains a question and pushes the person to think.
The author's position is subjective. The essay reveals the author's view of a particular problem, his worldview, speech, and logic.
The style of speech is conversational. Complex formulations and terms are not typical for essays, long sentences are rarely used. It is necessary to maintain an informal style, so that the reader is imbued with an opinion. But using slang and jargon is not allowed, such a text does not correspond to the genre.
The question or problem on the topic is analyzed in detail. On the topic in the essay you need to show the view from different sides, and the opinion to argue with facts.
Be brief. The volume of the essay is not limited, but, as a rule, it is not large.
The construction of the text is not defined by the rules. Just stick to the logic of reasoning, the text should be consistent.
No contradictory points of view should be expressed.
The purpose of the essay is to encourage the reader to reflect on the topic of the work. The author should not prove that his point of view is the only correct one, he should express it competently, so that the reader can think it over and draw his own conclusions.